DSCF8576Recently, I recieved my acceptance letter from the NYC Fellows teaching program, the news of knowing I made it past X amount of applications and the first interview, really made me proud of all the hard work I put into the application process. The interview process was tougher than the application, yet what is even tougher is the part where you have to decided whether to go through with the program or not.

What pushed me through the application was the thought of  having a chance to let students of various backgrounds learn and understand that the power of education has no boundaries and it can truly take you places, even across the other side of the world to learn a new language and a new way of life.

Yet, when I recieved the good news of being accepted into this program, I thought to myself, “Where and how could I be the most effective teacher?” “Why am I hesistating to push the reply button and give them the formal “yes I do accept” email?”

So in the end, I asked myself whether this position fits my career path… either way as a teacher or an advocate for education, teaching or designing educational software is where I want to be.

In honor of all the teachers I had throughout my primary education I would like to make others aware of what it means to be a teacher and encourage them to apply for the NYC teaching fellows program.

Even if you dont enroll in the program you can atleast know that you had the chance to see what it takes to be a teacher. Trust me you will walk away with a whole new appreciation for teachers and the endless efforts they put out there for their students. And on the way meet the most incredible future leaders of tomorrow.

Check out the program: https://www.nycteachingfellows.org/Default.asp